Organization chart EO-Ecoconsulting

Consultancy in Environmental Management

  • Compliance with regulations and processing administrative authorisations and environmental permits
  • Emission control policies for industrial processes
  • Drafting masterplans
  • Consultancy : Solution analysis, assistance in decision making, peer review, technical advice and cost estimation
  • Environmental communication: public participation (Agenda 21), dissemination of sustainable values, assistance to political decision-making, environmental reconciliation
  • Audits of standardised management systems: implementation and certification processes (APPCC, ISO 14001, EMAS)
  • Personalised technical and regulation training.
  • Expert advice, assistance and legal-technical representation

Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

  • Project implementation, project management, project coordination, technical and financial tender specifications
  • Technical and project financial management
  • Turnkey project, complete project assessment, detailed design and implementation concept, including finance and legal aspects

Environmental and Food Analysis and Inspection

  • Control and monitoring industrial equipment and constructions
  • Management and monitoring: laboratory analysis and telemetry of environmental parameters.
  • Performance testing and acceptation of works
  • Diagnosis and analysis of sick building syndrome in construction


  • Management of industrial and urban treatment plants
  • Technical assistance and provision of public facilities
  • Management of drinking water, waste water and storm water