Two of the most important challenges of waste are how to limit its environmental and social impact and controlling the cost of its treatment.

EO works in the areas of collection, recovery and storage of waste in a rational, respectful and environmentally friendly way. Our qualified specialists enable us to provide quality service which ensures exceptional customer satisfaction in the different stages of the process: diagnosis, analysis, management, certification, etc.

  • Inventory of waste generated by activities: identification, coding, segregation and proper management
  • Compliance audits and improvement of waste collection services and street cleaning
  • Identification of waste: analysis and MODECOM
  • Eco-balancing of the life cycles of products
  • Waste management plans
  • Studies on the minimisation of hazardous waste
  • Authorisation of management of waste producers and waste managers
  • Renewable energy and cogeneration plants: feasibility studies, facilities performance reviews and environmental impact studies


  • Regulations and Environmental Impact Evaluations (EIE)
Territory planning

Territory planning

With globalisation, the landscape itself provides people with the opportunity to settle down and establish their identities in a place of their choice.

Sustainable co-existence between human and nature is a very important aspect within our company and our future projects.

  • Environmental evaluations of urban planning
  • Landscape integration studies and graphical simulations
  • Inventories of flora and fauna
  • Diagnosis of contaminated soils
  • Soil analysis
  • Environmental impact studies on civil works
  • Environmental control on civil works
  • Water quality control
  • Hydrological and Hydraulic studies
    • Aquatic ecosystem protection against erosion
    • Hydro-electrical activities regulation
Environmental permits

Environmental permits

The services we offer in this area are aimed at companies which generate pollution emissions, and have an obligation to control this emission in order to demonstrate their compliance of the emission limit values established by the governing authorities.

  • Environmental audits and environmental diagnosis of waste minimisation
  • Recording greenhouse gas emissions
  • Analysis of life cycle emissions of products and services
  • Audits and natural resource management
  • Implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) (UNE-EN-ISO-14000 and EMAS)
  • Industrial certification (shutter tests, cleaning tanks and pipes)
  • Environmental authorisation
  • Studies on noise and air pollution
  • Evaluation of indoor air quality
  • Minimisation and management of air emissions for construction and industrial projects
  • Measurement and self control of emissions and immisions of pollutants
  • Audits on energy savings in buildings
  • Construction and industrial facilities projects on the efficient use of energy as well as project reviews

We are also accredited by the Government of Andorra as an Environmental Control organisation to provide certification for industrial activities - Authorisation 87022/2010.